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Our Sauces

Original Blend

Firehorse ORIGINAL BLEND hot sauce has a medium heat level popular with chilli sauce appreciators who like an equal balance of flavour and background heat. Very popular on freshly shucked oysters when you don’t want to mask the delicate flavours of the oyster with too much heat.

Premium Blend

Firehorse PREMIUM BLEND hot sauce has a significant increase in heat level from the ORIGINAL BLEND. This blend is tempered with The Southern Cross chilli. This chilli has been developed over 13 years and is the result of cross breeding varieties including tabasco, yellow habanero, carribean red habanero and the very aromatic thai firecracker. PREMIUM BLEND has a pleasant up front heat and is a very popular all round hot sauce used in many cafes and restaurants.

Ultra Blend

The ULTRA BLEND Extra Hot is the latest addition to the Firehorse range. It contains the Southern Cross chilli and is also tempered with the Bhut Jolokia or Ghost chilli. Rated amongst some of the hotter chillies on the planet, the addition of the very hot and aromatic Ghost chilli adds a new flavour profile and heat level to this hot sauce. The ULTRA BLEND has a smooth, intense, creeping heat typical of the barrel ageing process that builds over a few minutes, peaks, then slowly fades leaving that mouth glow, familiar to chilli aficionados.

$9.95 AUD

Currently available in Australia only.
International shipping available soon.

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